Why Are People From Bhutan Happy?

A friend recently visited Bhutan, and she told me why no other country in the world could beat Bhutan when it comes to being happy. The country may not be one of the most developed countries in the world economically, but it is indeed a class apart when it comes to the happiness of all it’s citizens. And if you’re wondering what the reasons behind this are, read the post:

Gross National Happiness Index:


Why Are People From Bhutan Happy?

The rest of the world, measures their growth and development in economic and quantitative terms, Bhutan is different – it has GNH – Gross National Happiness Index which measures the happiness quotient of every citizen in the country. Every effort of the government is directed towards making its people happy – now isn’t this an example the world needs to follow?

 Natural Abode:

More than 50% of Bhutan is pure, untouched wilderness – the people here preserve nature with utmost care and respect all the natural resources they have been blessed with. Panoramic views are a staple here – you needn’t venture out far outside, or climb a hilltop to come across a stunning view! All you need to do is look around and take in the exotic beauty of this country. And every tourist here wishes to settle down forever in this country – the citizens of Bhutan are actually living their dream! The country is exceptionally clean and has the best climate throughout the year.

Why Are People From Bhutan Happy?

Simple life:

A free education and subsidized health facilities are the highlights of Bhutan. The government believes that of the bare minimum requirements are provided to every human; it allows the human mind to be free of worry and live a satisfied life. The people here dress up in their national dress which resembles a Kimono – this also brings focus on the aspect that people here are not much into materialistic things like clothes and fashion.

Quality life:

The working hours in Bhutan are structured in a way that any person who works gets a stress-free sleep of 8 hours every day. This not only improves the productivity of the employees but also makes sure that they’re happy doing their job and not under any kind of pressure. Also, with weekends off, the people here are encouraged to venture into the arms of nature, refreshing them for the week ahead.

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