Nine to Five Fashion Looks!


It was more than just terrifying for me to graduate this May and then start working. Like it was a new world and I somehow didn’t think I belong there. Every time my friends used to tell me “Oh man! Can’t wear shorts to office, you will have to come help me shop! ” , I always used to feel that how can shorts or skirts define a girl’s credibility in office.

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Most of the times my friends would say “You know shorts won’t work in the corporate world” and I would always be astonished and left bewildered. I mean why not? Why can’t we as women wear what we feel like instead of being restricted to a uniform?

But then again there are two sides to what I used to think and somehow made peace with the fact that corporate offices do have a kind of uniform and it is okay, just like in schools though, but I guess it’s okay. Not for me because I am so happy to be belonging to Fashion industry where you can wear what you want and be what you want.

But I have seen my friends, my roommate, struggle to look out for good formals but I guess I have finally found their miracle brand. This blog post is not only talking about style but mostly the brand and it’s amazing quality and affordability. Yes I am talking about Marie Claire.

Blog post features the most amazing brand I have come across in terms of quality and sustainability. You guys might have heard about the magazine Marie Claire, but it’s also an apparel brand and it has been recently launched in India few months ago.

Both the looks have been inspired by how one can wear really comfortable and buy quality yet really affordable clothes for work and look extremely stylish. The entire Marie Claire collection is exclusively available on Myntra.

It’s not hard at all to look stylish yet very comfortable at work, If you are wearing Marie Claire girls!
Time to make your 9 to 5 look amazing!

And one little thing that I would say to my readers, Wear what you want in your office and let’s not let the society judge our credibility by the clothes we would wear to office. We know we can rock a skirt and still be hard working right?


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