Top Issues Plaguing The Millennial Society

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Millennials these days have access to so many things – most of which the generation before them was not privileged enough to have! So when it comes to millennials, all we say is that thye’re lucky as they have all the exposure and opportunities around them, which makes it much easier for them to reaslie their dreams. But have you ever though about the dark side of it? There are so many issues which even the millennials are troubled with – read on to know more:


Tremendous work pressure, the rush of meeting deadlines, long working hours leave these youngsters with no time at all for themselves. And this repeated continuous pattern leads to nothing but a horrible burnout, which is tough to handle and go through. Also, the millennials take quite a long time even to realize they’re burning out, which worsens matters.

Broken marriages:

With more independence coming in, it is difficult for millennials to handle it all. With increasing work pressure, lifestyle pressure and the pressure to succeed, these millennials somewhere down the line end up neglecting themselves which makes it much more difficult to cope with what a relationship demands, thus ending up in broken homes and a rise in the divorce rate.


Material pleasures:

These days, happiness is equated with the number of materialistic things one owns. And the millennials, although crushing under pressure keep putting up with fake standards fixated by society. This makes them even more susceptible to falling prey to depression – even though they have everything to live a comfortable and happy life, unless and until it they get approval from the society, it’s just not enough. Materialistic attitude is on the rise – and no one knows where it’s going to head us all to.

Health issues:

Apart from getting affected mentally, the millennials are physically in bad shape too. After hectic working hours and late night partying, these youngsters have no energy to carry out any physical activity that keeps them fit and fine. The health issues plaguing the millennials range from obesity to fluctuating blood pressure – questioning the quality of their lives in the later stages – if this is the state now!

Top Issues Plaguing The Millennial Society


There is this increasing disparity in the education the millennials receive and the employment opportunities. Despite high qualifications and immense expenditure on education, the millennials are not gaining jobs as per their expectations, making them settle for something they aren’t pleased with.

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